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Prof. Griff speaks on Tamir Rice Verdict, Lebron James, and The Responsibility of Black Entertainers

Peace to the the gods, these brothers. I appreciate your hard work and sacrifice to bring us powerful life changing messages on a consistent basis. Love ya'll to life!!!
We must confront injustice with our own form of justice
Brotha Rich, your own Fire!!! Your consistency with bringing the information to the people is truly inspirational.

As for cursing, Professor Griff laid it out perfectly. Parents should be the buffer between their children.

Professor Griff speaks on Daniel Holtzclaw found guilty of Raping 13 Black Women

Can't even imagine how many other white cops that have gotten away with this.. js. Hi Rich & Prof Griff

Hip-Hop Violinist Damien Escobar - R&B Freestyle [LCM Entertainment Submitted]

Published on Jun 11, 2014
Latasha & Elle host another Ladies' Night for Juzz Roc The Mic Radio! Latasha interviews Damien Escobar, formerly of Nuttin But... Subscribe to our page: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Talent Of The Week: Hip Hop Violinist Gives A Dope 2010 Mix!

THE EXECUTIVE: Obama's Real Reason He Wants Your Guns (Full Documentary

According to Forbes Top Ten Jobs That Attract Psychopaths
1- CEO 2- Lawyer 3- Media(Television/Radio) 4-Sales Person 5- Surgeon 6- Journalist
7- Police Officer 8- Clergy 9- Chef 10- Civil Servant
History continues to demonstrate that the majority of psychopaths are 'those in power'.
Obama's actions alone have already proven that he's psychopathic. That puts him in the CEO category. And statistics show that we are more likely to be killed by a police officer here in the U.S. than by a terrorist.
And if Trump wins, then this country is most definitely in a world of shit.

Obama's Lies and Deception - Professor Griff Infowars Full Documentary Interview - Illuminati 2015

Published on Nov 29, 2013
http://www.truthtalktunes.com/ the Dopest Conscious Hip-Hop 24/7!!
Infowars.com presents our groundbreaking interview with rap artist Professor Griff of Public Enemy.

Professor Griff lists Obama's lies, describes why hip hop stars are in the White House and breaks down some of the world's deadliest corporations.

Griff has always been an outspoken voice in the hip hop community and by combining forces with Alex Jones and Infowars, he attempts to break the public's mass-media induced coma.

Illuminati 2016: Predictions!! We must reach mass awareness! WATCH NOW!!!

The video you are CURRENTLY WATCHING explains the corruption of GOVERNMENT. To see the POINT and see how to stop the problem watch these videos:
The following video is great.
This video is even better (Exposes everything and tells you how to stop the Communist Illuminati New World Order)
And this video here shows both Republican and Liberal presidential candidates are the same:

Revolution: An Instruction Manual

Revolution is expected - it has been factored in, counted on and well prepared for. Any uprising will be crushed unless you either 1) first control the media or 2) all turn off your TVs. Since neither is likely, the only remainder is slavery. You were warned but you chose to see Orwell, Huxley and countless others as well as a wealth of history as nothing more than stories and movies to be downloaded. This time they were smart enough to make your padded cells comfortable and your expectations narrow enough that most of you d not even realise that it has already happened.

Professor Griff speaks on Donald Trump's Proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

Professor Is The Truth He Quick on the Draw when Answering Questions, He Keeps It Authentic, Blacks, Whites & All Races Can learn from This Wise Man Professor Griff He Is The Silent Assassin, Once You Hear Griff's Sharp Truth, you Realize He's a FORCE to Be Reckon With!!!

Public Enemy, Illuminati, Jay Z and Obama with Professor Griff

Published on Apr 17, 2014
Professor Griff of Rock and Roll Hall of famers Public Enemy, joins Buzzsaw to discuss Illuminati and the music industry, Jay-Z, Kanye West, his experience w.

Public Enemy Performs "Fight the Power" Medley

Public Enemy Performs "Fight the Power" Medley on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Public Enemy "Prophets of Rage" (full documentary)

From the BBC series, Black Music Legends of the 1980s.

Public Enemy founder Professor Griff At Brave New Books

Professor Griff, One of the founding members of the Hip Hop Group Public Enemy and member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame class of 2013 gives an insightful lecture on the entertainment industry at Brave New Books in July 2013.

Professor Griff on Miley Cyrus and the Twerking Industrial Complex

Abby Martin speaks with former 'Public Enemy' member Professor Griff, discussing the de-evolution and corporatization of mainstream music, and how youth can reject escapism and fight the power.

Professor Griff Predicted Years Ago The Illuminati Was Coming After Katt Williams.flv

Katt Williams is a great comedian with a bonus message for everyone, as he spits that hot fire. I don't know why the beast is shutting down the messengers, ain't shit happening to the elite even if you expose them anyway!
Look at how the police gets off with a paid vacation, why wouldn't some big shot in hollywood or politics exploit their privileges too ?

The Illuminati Interview with Professor Griff of PUBLIC ENEMY

I agree some people have perverted the word of God and advertising it as if it were the truth. Thats why the word of God tells us to test every spirit because there is even false prophets and so forth. Thank God He gave us,,,GOD G_ Griff O_ On D_Duty

Professor Griff- The Hegelian Dialectic and It's use in Controlling Modern Society

Brother Griff....I see u....non compromising ....non assimilating ....you exemplify true black leadership.....Keep on keepin on Black Afrikan Power
I'm surprised this topic isn't more well known amongst people.
The ending on spirituality was awesome by griff

Professor Griff speaks on Black Celebrities and Social Responsibility

before black celebrities and sports stars sign those multi million dollar contracts they are told by execs that they are prohibited to get involved in any black political issues so course theyre not gonna be part of a revolution

Professor Griff- The Truth about Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas

Brother Rich does it again with the questions always on point. Peace brother rich and professor griff

Professor Griff speaks on the Conscious Community and The Importance of a Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Griff mentioned in reference to our people comes from Mr Neely Fuller Jr. He wrote the Code. He breaks down WS language and words. The answers we seek is in his book. Get Mr Fullers book. Like Now!

Professor Griff discusses The University of Missouri Protests, Black Athletes, & Racism

Professor Griff discusses The University of Missouri Protests, Black Athletes, & Racism

Professor Griff- Rehab vid for Griff

Panther Power from the rebel to you......PLEASE GO TO THE GO FUND ME AND SUPPORT.

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